Saturday, October 8, 2011

eagle pose update

I still can't do eagle arms.  I am learning to live with it.  I can many other wonderful poses, so I guess it's ok!

On the skunk front, Pépé Le Pew has not made an encore appearance.  And my house smells a little less like skunk.  The wonderdog may have a very slight skunky odour, but I think I'm ok.  I did ask my colleague I was carpooling and spending the day in the meeting with if I smelled, and she told me just ever so slightly.  But only in the car.  Sitting in the meeting at the board office, every once in a while I would get a whiff of skunk and was mortified to think that someone else might smell my skunkiness.  Like my boss who was right next to me.  But I guess it was ok, because no one was wrinkling their nose or gagging.

The dog and I had a stern chat about leaving those black and white creatures alone.  I think she understood.  At least she wagged her tail and tried to lick my face.  And she seemed grateful that the other dogs we met on our walk yesterday were nice to her even if she did smell a bit.  Curtailed the bum sniffing, they were too busy sniffing her face and chest and giving her the, "oh, man that totally sucks, is your human pissed?" look.  I think she told them it was ok, she had me trained.  And she gets a shiny new collar, since the last shiny new collar (which actually isn't shiny, or new, or even very clean), reeks and is heading to the garbage.  Something that will coordinate well with her bright pink tag.  Maybe black leather with studs.  She is totally badass don't you know?!

Today is a run day!  Actually it was supposed to be yesterday, but it was absolutely beautiful for a walk, and since Seamus agreed to come with Chase and I, that's what I did instead.  He's decided he would like to do some fartleks and also work on endurance.  His basketball coach told him he needs to build up his cardio, he will be counted on this year as a kind of lynchpin of the team.  Which I think totally made his year!  So good for his self-esteem, since he loves sports.  And it's always nice to be special to someone other than your mom.

So anyway (a little sidetracked there...) he would like to do some running with his dad and I!  I am excited.  I'd love to have his older brother, who is totally built like a long distance runner get into running too.  But I don't think that's in the cards right now.  Maybe if he thought it was the complete opposite of what I'd like?  I am serious about passing good eating and exercise habits on to my children.  I want a lifetime of health for them, and not have to work so hard to cultivate it the way I do.  I would like it to just be a part of regular life.  The way it should be.

I will leave you with this quote that I came across on facebook (thanks for turning me onto the page Lisa B!): 

You're a runner and it is for this reason that you should feel free to revise the "skills" section of your resume with the word: BADASS! -Running Ninja! Human Resource Center

I'm working on my resume next.....

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