Thursday, October 13, 2011

B12 and minerals

I had a visit with my naturopath today.  And got my blessed B12 shot.  I got a double shot.  I feel perkier already, which is a good thing.  And I also found out that my sodium/potassium balance is out of whack, and was prescribed a mineral supplement.  It explains the incredible thirst of late, and is likely a direct result of all of the sweating when I'm running.  *sigh* I look like either a hypochondriac or a drug addict with the amount of supplements I take.  I'm glad that I feel better from them!  I'm hoping the mineral supplement will help me to feel more myself.  I know the B12 will!

I finished the final assignment for this 1/4 of my course.  Which means some free time this weekend!  I'm finished IEPs, and this 1/4 of the course, and I'm ready for a break.  Finally some time to do some planning for the next few weeks.  Which will make the days go by better.

Enjoy the full moon tonight...

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