Thursday, January 5, 2012

My season of discontent....

It's back.  I'm sure some of you will shake your heads at my constant whining about the feelings of discontent.  I don't know what it is, but every year after Christmas and New Year's I get these unshakeable feelings of incredible discontent.  Maybe I'm just crazy.  Maybe it's my need to overachieve.  Maybe it's a reaction to the sloth of having nothing that has to be done right this minute, and the slowness of days following the month of insanity leading up to Christmas.  It seems like whenever I have any down time (summer, March break, Christmas break) I experience these feelings.  Whatever it is, I wish it would evaporate into a cloud of bright pink mist and blow away.

I've spent the morning investigating gyms to join.  It seems that the time that I'm most content is when I have a gym membership (at a gym I like) and spend spare time working out instead of sitting at home obsessing over every little thing.  I don't do so well with all of this time at home (clearly if I follow the pattern back through my life, this has been since I was a child).  Of course if I just hauled my sorry butt off of the chair and went for a run, I'd likely feel better.  Or maybe I just am enjoying the feeling and the tendency toward whinyness.

It's odd how these restless feelings lead to complete inertia.  I'm not sure I could get anything much done even if I wanted to.  I am self-aware enough that I realize that I need to do some of this sitting around, so that I'm fueled up for the whirlwind of my life once school starts again.  *sigh*

I have spent a fair amount of time chuckling at the antics of the crew on Big Bang Theory this week.  I am amused and at the same time dismayed at what I'm watching.  Sometimes Sheldon is just a little too familiar for comfort.  It doesn't help to have 3 children roaring with laughter and shrieking "OMG mom, it's you!".  Ha, ha guys.  I'm not that OCD and I don't have Aspberger's.  Well, I don't think I'm that OCD, maybe it's all in perception.  But whatever it is, it's been fun watching it and laughing with my kids.  We don't engage in enough of that fun kind of behaviour.

Yesterday was a housecleaning day.  How on Earth does a house get so grubby when everyone has been away for 8 days?  Maybe something to do with not having enough time to clean it properly before leaving?!  However, the main floor is now fairly clean, and next I'm tackling my bedroom.  *gulp*  The mostly neglected room, filled with tons of stuff I don't know what else to do with but don't want cluttering up the rest of the house.  I did begin organizing the mountain of books and magazines that constantly grace the floor beside my bed.  Next--walk in closet.  Which is actually a misnomer, because of all the junk on the floor of it, no one could possibly walk in.  However, that will be amended later today.  Honest.  I will overcome the inertia.

How do you cope with the days following the holidays?  Does anyone feel the way that I do?  See, this is why I prefer to have time BEFORE Christmas, instead of after for school holidays!

Time to collect my kid from his basketball practice.  I'm wondering if the teacher who planned it is yet regreting spending a day of vacation with a bunch of teenagers.  I snicker (mean, I know) at his silliness.

I sincerely hope every one of you is having a wonderful day, filled with joy and no feelings of discontent. 

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