Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It's amazing!

I amazed at how much better I feel after only a couple of days of avoiding dairy like it was poison.  Probably because it is poison for my body!?  Silly humans, eating the things that make them sick.  I have officially given up dairy and wheat.  Dairy again and wheat....well because I have a feeling I will feel great after it's ill effects clear my body.  Remember "Wheat Belly"?  I finally made the committment and I'm glad I did.

On another amazing note, the worst thing about going back to school?  Not being able to go to the washroom when needed.  Having to wait until nutrition break.  Because leaving 21 9 year old boys and 5 9 year old girls alone for 5 minutes to relieve a very full bladder is like turning your back on the tide.  Ill-advised.  My bladder will acclimate, it always does.  But yesterday was painful by times.

I have decided that my gratitude journal officially must take the form of something other than sticky notes on my desk and crammed in my purse.  My indecision of how to keep said journal has led to sticky note gratitude chaos.  A decision will be made.  Later today.  :)  I'm leaning toward notebook with perhaps weekly blog gratitude updates.

Massage this evening.  Can't wait!   I need to get the kinks worked out as I embark on report card writing.  So I can put them back in again.  But the temporary relief will be wonderful.

Happy Tuesday!

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