Saturday, December 3, 2011

sniffle, sniffle, cough, cough

Just when I was recovered enough from my self-inflicted, albeit unintentional injury, I have been laid low by a nasty cold bug.  It's been a yucky week.  And although I know it's a cold, and finite in length and severity, I have not been well enough to run.  And I even skipped yoga on Thursday.  Which is not what I wanted to do.  The good news is that it's been an extra week of rest for my iliopsoas, and it should be really healed.  The bad news is that I am going to feel like I'm dying the first long-ish run I do.  Which I'm hoping will be early next week.  But, I know all about muscle memory, blah, blah, blah, and I will be back running 8k at a shot before long. 

My darling hubs is planning a half-marathon in the new year.  And last night he was even talking the craziness of a full marathon!  I won't be doing a full marathon, but maybe a half by next fall?  I don't know.  I do know that I want to get back into my regular running schedule and get in a few 10k races, and then we'll see.  I feel like a slug not running for almost a month.  I totally get resting an injury, and I've been whining alot, but I'm almost there.  Just need to get over this cold.

Yesterday was my birthday.  Let's just say the shine is definitely off birthdays :)  Although I do love getting gifts!  And I am thankful and blessed.  My family gave me an ipod touch, and the first app I'm going to buy is the timer for running intervals!  And Angry Birds.  But that's another story.  And my son Jackson (who recently got a part-time job) bought me a Nike + ipod for measuring distance.  I love gadgets!  I also received lovely gifts from my parents and siblings.  Gifts are a wonderful way to show you care about someone, and that you know and understand them.  And my family does.

Today--Christmas shopping.  I can't think of a less appealing way to spend a Saturday.  Unless it was dental work.  However, I love giving gifts and to do that, I need to actually buy them.  I should have been thinking ahead and done my shopping online.  Much more my style.  I do get to spend the day alone with my hubs, and possibly will have a nice lunch together.  And Starbucks--my guilty pleasure.

When I was writing about my birthday, I didn't mention that it was also my favourite brother-in-law's birthday too.  We met at Fionn MacCool's (Irish pub-style restaurant) for dinner.  It was so nice!  A pint of Harp, my favourite Irish beer, yummy food and great company.  My nephew was adorable.  And I need to get together with him so he can show me how to use my ipod (he's 3).  I figure he's the best tech support.  He speaks a language I can understand.

Enjoy this sunny December Saturday friends.  Think of me in the craziness of Christmas shopping.  Maybe say a little prayer for me that I don't become completely unhinged and have a complete meltdown.  I will be employing some pranayama to keep me calm.

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