Saturday, December 10, 2011

December musings...

It has been a trying month, to say the least.  I won't bore you with the gory details, but let's just say I feel like I've been through an emotional ringer.  And we're only just getting to half way through!  December is often such a difficult month for so many people.  Not usually myself, but then again, it`s been particularly trying.

But, the good news is that Christmas is coming!  Went to 2 different Christmas celebrations yesterday, one at a friend's beautifully decorated house and another at my fav pub-style Irish place--Fionn MacCool's.  Going to my friend's house made me think about digging out some Christmasy stuff, even though we're going to be away.  Lights and candles and decorations are magical, even if you don't put up a tree.  Since we are having a Christmas celebration here tomorrow, perhaps I should dig out a few things so it doesn't resemble the Grinch's house around here.  I am starting to get into the Christmas spirit :)

I used to spend alot of time crafting for Christmas, making ornaments, baking, knitting, sewing.  I have to say I miss it.  I don't have time anymore (working full-time and not being at home with little kids), but I'd still like to do it.  Hubs mentioned that this has been a crazy busy week.  Yes it has, but then again, welcome to my world.  It's important to make it basketball games and practices to watch and cheer.  It's important to make time for friends.  And once I've done all that, worked a full week and worked on assignments for the blasted course (3 more and I'm done!!) there's not much time left for crafting.  Or to be honest energy.

Alas, I must go and work on the course.  I must do laundry today (or go buy some new gitch, 'cause I'm officially out), tidying must be accomplished.  But this weekend should be it for the course, the house will be tidy enough, and then I can start packing for our trip.  Have I mentioned that I'm beside myself with excitement?  Dreams of sand and sun are filling my head.  Christmas on a ship will be different, but maybe that's just what we need this year.

I might even work in a run and a little yoga this weekend!

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