Monday, November 21, 2011

a pain-free day!

I had a pain-free day today!  And even though I'm dying to get moving, I am going to give my self a couple more days before I run.  I will go to Hatha yoga tomorrow, it's so gentle I should be fine.  And I will LISTEN to my body.  Not listening is what got me into this mess.  Well, that and being pregant 20 years ago, and not knowing that you should always draw your knees into your chest to sneeze when your belly is already straining all of those muscles, tendons and ligaments.  I really didn't think that the injury would still be rearing its ugly head, all these years later.  And I guess that it wouldn't be, if I had the good sense to listen when my body says enough.  Sadly, I am a slow learner when it comes to these things.

I've restarted my detox diet.  My dietary negligence is apparent in a few not so nice ways.  Time to get real.  I don't know why I'm struggling so much lately.  Stress?  The research shows that stress impacts hormones, and starts a nasty vicious cycle of cravings, weight gain, which in turn impacts the hormones...and the cycle perpetuates itself.  Nice.  Or not.  Either way, time to get my head out of my butt and pay attention to what I'm doing to myself.  Lots of water, liver detoxifying foods and of course my supplements.  Too much estrogen rampaging through my system is causing mayhem.  Time to throw in a little extra ground flax too.  The key is to manage to get through the first couple of weeks and then you start to feel better.  I`m all for feeling better!

Enough blogging, I have to write a huge IEP (that`s boring teacher talk.  If you don`t know what it means, don`t worry about it!), for a fake kid, filled with fake details, to satisfy a requirement of my course.  It is a valuable exercise in many respects, but I tired of doing this much work for fake kids.  I have enough work to do to appropriately program for real kids.  But, alas it must be done.  And since I`m resting my sore iliopsoas, it`s good to get it out of the way.

Stay tuned for a running blog post!  I`m hoping for maybe Thursday or Friday--it will be painful, but I will be running!  


Eco Yogini said...

YAY NO PAIN!!!! i'm so glad! I hope the hatha class is helpful (you better tell your instructor right away! so they can adjust and help you not to push your limits).

You're right though, listen to your body! I hope you feel better soon!

Nicole said...

Thanks! It's an old injury, and I've been down this uncomfortable road before. It just took a little longer than usual for it to settle down again. Traumeel cream is a lifesaver!

Looking forward to yoga class tonight. The instructor already knows, I bailed last Tuesday. She was very nice and sent some suggestions for gentle stretches to help.

It's just so frustrating when I want to be running and practicing and doing bootcamp dvds (not too many bootcamp classes in rural Ontario).