Sunday, November 6, 2011


Today is a fabulous day!  I started out feeling a bit sad (?? not sure why!).  But Rick and I went to church, and it was the kids service.  The kids of the church did the whole service, and boy do their praise songs rock!  They did a dramatic reading of the Prodigal Son story, and danced and sang.  It changed my sadness into gratefulness that I dragged my butt out and went.

I am also grateful for a new coffeemaker (I killed the old one, note to self, do the vinegar trick more than once a year).  But most of all I am grateful for a beautiful, warm November day.  My backdoor is open, letting beautiful fresh air in.  The sunshine is amazing, and Rick and I did a little cleaning up in the backyard.  It was glorious! 

The extra hour today because of the time change is oh, so lovely.  I love how it makes a beautiful Sunday feel almost neverending!  A little sunshine does wonders for mood and sense of wellbeing.  It brings out the neighbours, and makes the dog excited to be in the backyard with me.

Ultimately, I have a great deal for which to be thankful.  And grateful.  And I am doing just that on this beautiful, sunny Sunday.

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