Friday, November 18, 2011

injury begone!

Dear Injury,
You are preventing me from running and yoga-ing it up.  I am tired of this clingy attitude you've adopted.  It's time for you to move on.  Please leave.  I am missing a beautiful outside run day (with a scarf wrapped around my face to warm the cold air before it hits my lungs) because you are outstaying your welcome.  I dream of a pain-free run followed by a nice long stretch.  And you are in my way.
Injury, I no longer give you permission to occupy my body.  If this persists I will be forced to take significant action.

This is my letter to my nagging pain.  I have resorted to watching bootcamp videos on youtube and surfing Yoga and, which is like a sex addict watching online porn.  (ok, I totally made that line up, I like the way it sounds--kinda creepy)  I'm reading the blogs of my fit friends, green with envy.  I'm perusing the Running Free website, jones-ing over some new flashy runners.  You know, the kind that make you look fast.  I'm watching my waist, which in my warped mind, I'm sure I can see expanding even as I type this.

I'm rereading this blog post and realizing that I actually am a crazy person, who only pretends to be sane.  But I'm happy this way!  Even though it's apparent that I either need to go on a very long run, or need to seek intensive psychotherapy.  Maybe both.  My sister has been a therapy provider, I'll ask her what she thinks.  I'm sure she'll agree.

It's been a full week without physical activity.  And I'm still not healed.  I know I can't run until the pain is gone, or I will just be back to the start.  This is getting ridiculous!  I need some perspective.  It's been a crazy week, and realistically I could only have  worked some kind of exercise in on a couple of days.  I've missed 3 runs tops.  Only 2 yoga classes, and one of those was because of work.  Maybe tomorrow I'll try a very short, very easy run.  Or at least a walk.  And some yoga asana that doesn't involve my hip and groin region.
Brooks Racer ST 5 Unisex Blaze/Navy/SilverNB WR1063CU Women's Orange/White/SilverNB WT10GR Women's Grey/RedRun:Your Heart Out Pullover

 These are just some of the things I've decided that will make my injury feel better.  Or maybe it's my Christmas list.  Either way, it's kind of sad that this is what I've been reduced to.  Shoe photos courtesy of Running Free Orangeville (shout out to Norm and Jodi!) and the rest from lululemon. 

I think any of the shoes would make me look fast, don't you?

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