Sunday, June 26, 2011

running clinic

Yesterday was the first running clinic session.  Shall I just say that yoga has made me super-flexible (for me, anyway), but I have severely neglected cardio training.  So running clinic to ramp it up again.  My body felt great "running" (it was more of a jog), but my lungs didn't feel so great.  I had to use my inhaler.  Which is ok, except I was hoping that I was hoping to throw my inhaler away with my newfound allergy relief from naturopathy.  I'm hoping that with every time I run, it will get better.  But, I did it, and did better than alot of the non-asthmatics.  Not that it's a contest...well, everyone that knows me knows that everything is a contest...I'm working on it!  Honest :)

Of course no contest with my hubs, who was kind enough to try to pace himself with me.  But in fairness to him and his previous running experience, and much longer legs, I sent him ahead with some of the other faster runners.  He did check to make sure I hadn't keeled over though.  And my friend Lisa, fellow basketball Mom extraordinaire was a run leader and she ran with me for a few minutes.  Nice to catch up with her....conversationally anyway.  Lisa is a half-ironman graduate.  And a regular triathlete.  When I grow up I'd like to be as good as Lisa.

Went to a family joint birthday party at my brother and lovely sister-in-law's house, and my dad was asking me about yoga.  He has a number of health problems, including severe, chronic hip and shoulder pain.  He thinks yoga would help.  It likely would, but it kind of freaks me out that he will make it worse instead of better, and I will be the reason.  He asked me show him some "moves" (asana is not in his vocabulary).  I showed him a few standing poses, and he asked if I was more flexible than before I started practising.  I pointed out that last summer I couldn't touch my toes with totally bending my knees.  And then I showed him foward fold with kubera mudra (I know I didn't spell that right, sorry!).  Yep, I am WAY  more flexible!  I told him I'd lend him my Shiva Rea beginner yoga dvd, and I did mention that the swearing would prohibit me from taking him to the studio.  Because he will swear, loudly, and vehemently when he tries some asanas.  I will give it to him after his MRI.  I am not willing to help him make it worse.

I think some hatha practice to stretch out the kinks and stiffness from running is in order today.  I did stretch yesterday, but I'm still a little stiff today.  King pigeon pose might be a good idea.

Have a wonderful restful Sunday.

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