Saturday, June 11, 2011


I just checked my followers, I knew one was my life-long friend the Cargillwitch--we grew up together in Grey County. And imagine my surprise to discover that my other follower (it's a small group!) is another blogger whose blog I read regularly! I'm not on her official follower list, but I have to say that it's flattering when someone you don't know decides to follow your blog. Blogging has been an interesting experience for me. For one, putting it out there. I was NOT raised to be public with my thoughts and *gasp* feelings! And for every blog post I write, I probably read 500 posts by others. Blogging is a great way to find out about other people out there, and to indulge my voyeuristic side. I love reading other blogs on topics that also interest me. And I love getting comments on my blog. Most of my comments are left on facebook by people who know me in person, but getting comments right on the blog is very cool. It means that someone other than my facebook friends are reading my blog. And isn't that the point?!

So a shout out to my blog followers. I am honoured!

So for anyone reading, follower on blogger or on facebook, a little update:

Life has been super stressful, as mentioned in my previous post. On top of work and course stress, normal raising teenager stress (and the angst that goes with it!), someone very dear to me is experiencing some scary health problems...again. I have promised to keep it to myself until there is a definitive diagnosis, but man, that is hard. It ratchets up my stress level to beyond reasonable. I try not to worry, to pray about it and trust that all will be well, but I have to say, I'm not so good at that. I don't necessarily agree with some of the decisions that have been made regarding that person's journey to wellness, and I need to be respectful and keep my opinions to myself. It is not cool to add my personal stuff to the amount of stress they are already experiencing.

Thus my ND's advice to give my mind a break. And I know she's right. And she's prescribed more exercise, including strength training. We discussed my issues in the past, of constantly being at war with my body, and how yoga is helping me to heal that. I expressed my need to be at peace with my body and to have a healthy self-image. She totally agreed and pointed out that I'm not happy with my body now, maybe adding some other stuff back into the routine, and actually scheduling it will help. Very good point! On the plus side, my health allergy-wise is great. Having all those inflammatory foods out of my diet has made me feel sooooo much better.

Have I mentioned that my totally awesome buddy Julie--Weekend to End Breast Cancer best girl, nose piercing/handholding, prayer friend, teacher I want to be when I grow up, funny as hell, fellow Roots purse addict, friend that supports me through good and bad--is moving to Virginia?? It is such a good move for her and her family. She's moving to be close to her parents, so she can be there for them, so her son (my buddy "E") can see his grammy and pop-pop everyday. And let's face it, the Virginia shore is a great place to live! But I am sad. I will miss her. Thank God for facebook. I don't see her much in real-life, but I know she's there, just down the road. Virginia is much further down the road. I know you'll read this Julie, just let me say that I love you to bits. And I will miss our coffee visits. And I will totally be crashing at Mama and Papa Heine's in Virginia so I can see you! And make no mistake girlfriend--we are having a wine party before you go!

So there you have it my friends, what has been weighing on my mind. And causing my naturopath to tell me to give my mind a rest (and likely ponder my need for a good shrink, not an ND!).

I'm looking forward to summer. When I can relax and indulge in some me time. And fiddle with allergen-free recipes.

I think I'll go read Mandy's blog. And maybe join her group of followers. And do a little yoga.
Namaste ;)

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