Thursday, June 23, 2011

Is it over yet?

A harrowing day at school yesterday.  As a grade 4 teacher, I'm not usually called upon to explain to my students why talking about dildos, and where and why you put condoms, is not appropriate--especially when the students my darlings are enlightening are all of 6 years old.  Now, I'm all for openess, and children having knowledge about their bodies, etc, but even I couldn't quite rationalize those discussions with SK children.  The older grades are all doing sexual education in their health classes, and I guess my little guys are curious.  But it's not in the grade 4 curriculum, and I don't really want to get my name in the infamous "blue pages" (where the Ontario College of Teachers publishes the alleged wrongdoings of teachers, and the discipline handed out).  To be honest, I wasn't as shocked by the whole condom discussion as I was about the dildo conversation.  By a mennonite child.  Who because of culture and religion is excluded from any classes in health that deal with sexuality or reproduction.  I'm not even sure his mom will understand what I meant when I wrote the note referring to discussion of "an inappropriate sexual nature".  Guess I'll find out today if she understood or not.  I really don't want to educate her about dildos, when she's likely not even sure how she ended up with 5 kids.  Arghhhh!  And I was slightly traumatized by hearing from a child about his father's condoms and what he does with them.  His father is a local politician.

The other drama I dealt with was 2 students accusing a third student of "raping" a girl in our class.  Because he was playing with her at recess, and apparently she's the current belle of the ball in grade 4 romances.  Said little girl was very upset by all of this.  Imagine.  Then another girl wrote a nasty note about her, saying she's a liar, and she should quit "ruing" (ruining) other people's lives.  Because she has a crush on one of the boys involved, is jealous, and basically feels left out of the romance situation.  These are nine year olds I'm talking about!  So I guess round 2 will begin today.  With more recess discussions.  And how making up lies and trying to ruin friendships, make other people feel badly, is actually a form of bullying, and not the best way to win friends and influence people.

So I did what any completely frazzled and overwhelmed rational adult would do.  I demanded my hubs take me out to dinner, drank a pint of Harp, ate Guiness poutine (the closest I've found to real Quebec poutine in Ontario), ate yummy shrimp and lobster grilled flatbread and bought myself a pair of pewter coloured shoes for graduation at school.  Also bought my son a blackberry so I can locate him--more of a gps kind of idea--when he's out with his friends.  Thought about having a yoga practice, but after Vinyasa flow class on Tuesday the heads of my shoulders, and triceps are very sore.  We did alot of chaturunga transitioning to upward dog (without lowering completely), and worked on lifts.  So no yoga, but Irish beer.  Oh well.

I'm hoping for a less painful day (both from sore muscles and social issues!).  Maybe will be ready to do some gentle yoga after school, and take my pup for a long walk.  Only Irish beer in the house is Guiness, no Harp, so should be able to avoid beer consumption--Guiness is my least favourite beverage in the world!

Hoping everyone else is having a smoother week than I.  And it's only a few days and it will be over until September.


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