Thursday, June 30, 2011


Yesterday was the last day of school with students.  Today is the last day for teachers.  I am thrilled.  But also a little sad.  My last day with my "squirrels", whom I love dearly.  And also a little sad because there are people with hurt feelings and feeling sad.  And I can't change that for them, no matter how I wish I could.  I do think it is a very powerful message that I am being sent, reminding me to treat others with the kindness they deserve, and to think outside myself.  Because the hurt feelings have been caused through a lack of consideration, and not likely through maliciousness.  I say not likely, because I can't see in the heart of others, but only judge by their actions.  I for once am not the cause of the hurt, but the friend who is trying to help. 

Also sad because a couple of colleagues are moving to new schools, and I will miss them.  Yep, we all will.  Their new schools are super lucky.

I didn't get my run in yesterday, but I did have my massage and I made it to small group at church.  I will run today-I'm just not sure when!  I'm feeling good about running, and I'm determined to keep up with the clinic program--so run I must :)

I'm looking forward to some lazy days.  And going to the beach.  I can almost feel the sand between my toes.  Of course I will take some books--some professional reading, and some fluff.  I can't wait.  My hubs starts 2 weeks of holidays tomorrow too.  Maybe we'll actually get a day or two away on our own.  Surely the offspring can cope?!

I have imagined and planned a number of projects for the summer.  Look forward to some pictures.
Have a glorious day.

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