Sunday, June 12, 2011

running clinic

Very excited. At my family reunion yesterday, my cousin Ryan was telling me about the running groups at the new Running Free store in Orangeville. Ryan has become a big runner, and encouraged me to come out. I checked out their website and they have a Start to Run clinic, that is FREE! All of their running clinics are free. Which is totally awesome. So Saturday mornings at 9 o'clock I will be at the clinic, relearning how to run. Ok, I know how to run, but I am seriously having trouble getting my arse out there running. But I am in! Inhaler in hand--only hopefully I won't need to use it :)

Ryan expressed an interest in yoga. So I'm going to try to get him to come out to yoga with me. And I demonstrated dancer pose when they were making fun of me because ballet apparently didn't do me much good as far as grace goes. I might be the oldest of all the cousins, but I rocked that pose. Laugh all you want you younger siblings and cousins....

I am feeling so much better after my B12 shot on Thursday, I seriously wonder why I wait too many weeks in between. No more. All I have to do is call to get an appointment, and it's so worth it to take the time to go.

I finished report cards this afternoon. My brain is mush, my eyes are strained, but I'm done! I'll print a draft and proofread tomorrow at school. Yippee! And with any luck I'll plow through the rest of my assignments for my course. I'm floating tomorrow, the boss is away, the 2nd in command is away, and I'm putting out metaphorical fires as they arise. So with no kiddos underfoot for at least part of the day, I should get through some stuff. And then I can really let my mind rest.

I hope everyone is enjoying this cool, overcast Sunday.

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