Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday mornings...

One of my favourite days/times of the week is Sunday morning. Everyone else sleeps in, and with coffee in hand, I have time to read blogs, pet the cats, watch the dog sleep on the couch and just take some time. Are there a million other things I should/could be doing? Absolutely. Do I feel guilty? A little. But really, there's very little time that I just sit and do nothing except what I want to do. Most sitting time involves marking student work, or some other stuff for school, planning and strategizing the week ahead, or listening to squabbling. Whether it be human or feline, with the odd canine bark thrown in for good measure :) So today I just sit, pondering life and amusing myself by reading about the lives of others.

A little stiff between the shoulders from yoga yesterday. I guess I need to be doing it more...more, always more...

So looking forward to summer, when these early morning peaceful times can be enjoyed on the deck, soaking up some early morning sun, before it gets too hot. Dog laying beside me, cats watching through the screen door. And I've decided that I need to put some gardens in the back this year, I miss my gardens. A mixture of beautiful flowers with some yummy organic herbs and veggies...bliss.

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone.

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