Saturday, February 26, 2011

so much for the 21 day challenge...

I am not doing so well at the 21 day yoga challenge. I am so crazy busy with work, kids, basketball, more basketball, that I didn't get around to day 2, 3, or 4. But I did go to yoga class this morning, and feel wonderful as a result. I guess even if I get in 3 days of yoga a week, I'm doing really well. Maybe my yoga peeps at school will want to do yoga one afternoon this week. That would help.

And I really need to get walking/jogging/running again. My cardio will be awful, it's time to get it in gear again. Of course, with all the stuff going on, it will be challenging to fit it in as well. Did I mention I signed up for a course...a teacher's additional qualification course. I must be nuts!
(Stress, what stress?!)

On the allergy diet front, having some significant cravings this week, whatever that's all about. I was so foolish and ate pizza last night. I won't be doing that again in a hurry. I felt like crap within minutes of eating it, and it wasn't even that great a pizza! Dairy is definitely out forever.
Having sugar cravings too. But I made myself some lovely "friendly" muffins today, as well as some yummy lentil soup and veggie chili to get me through the week. I've been working way too hard to slide down the slippery slope now!

Visiting the naturopath once a week helps too. Liver detox seems to be going well. Toxins must be having fun leaving my body, judging from the mess my skin is in. Hopefully my hormones are going to be happier and more balanced soon, not a fan of the middle-age blemishes....

Looking forward to a healthy week. Only a couple weeks until a much needed March Break. I feel like the Little Engine That Could...I think I can, I think I can!

Wishing everyone a peaceful weekend.

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