Sunday, July 29, 2012

sugar detox and banishing batwings

Ok, I don't have batwings.  But since I haven't been able to do yoga and lots of planks, my arms are not nearly as buff as they were.  And that's not cool.  42 and fit is a whole lot better than 42 and doughy!

So my plan--sugar detox, which for those who are lucky enough to interact with me regularly means, yes, a little bitchy for a few days while my body adjusts.  And also means an end to my alarmingly frequent relationship with my friend Mike.  You know, of hard lemonade fame.  Disappointing, yet necessary.  So long Mike, it's been a slice.  In addition to kicking Mike and sugar to the curb, I'm eliminating my yummy wheat substitutes.  I don't NEED gluten-free toast with pb, I just like it.  Not carb free (hello, veggies and fruit are full of carbs!), but getting rid of the processed ones.  I will once again be the quinoa queen.  In fact, a batch is cooking right now for a fantastic salad.  It has corn, carrots, sunflower seeds, dried cranberries...omg, yummy!

Part 2 of the plan involves alot more walking and starting to run again.  Dr. Hotty-totty says I can run if I start off really slowly, I just haven't really trusted him.  Time to start, cause frankly this non-runner bit is getting old quickly.  And since my back is still not great, oh well.  I'm going to the chiro anyway.  (only don't tell him, he will give me a lecture)  It also involves figuring out what yoga exactly I can do.  Flexibility is declining and I am NOT going to be one of those old ladies.  So there.  Planks baby!  And lots of warror poses.  What else I'm not sure.  I'm still trying to figure out  how to do sun salutations without forward folds....I guess I could just skip that part.  I can do balance poses.  Hello tree pose.

So there you have it, no more sloth, no more sugar, no more Mike.  I have also decided to give up vacuuming, because it hurts my back, and frankly I'd rather do something more fun if it's going to make it hurt.  Vacuuming is highly overrated anyway.  I'll bribe a kid.  Or shave the dog and cats.  Whatever works.

Enjoy this sunny beautiful Sunday afternoon.  I'm headed out to read on the deck.  With my last Mike's from the fridge.  *ahhhh*

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