Monday, July 23, 2012


Last night was a frustrating, sleepless night.  I lay awake for hours contemplating life in general, my role in the great scheme of things, the upcoming school year (and the challenges it will bring), and listened to far off thunder--wishing, hoping it would come closer and we would get rain.  It rained for about 10 minutes yesterday afternoon, and about 1 minute during the night.  We so desperately need rain, it isn't even funny.  I found myself hoping and praying for my farmer friends that they all have crop insurance--one friend has already lost their corn crop.  Many more are going to if we don't get rain soon.  And not only corn, all of the crops are suffering.

Our grass is burned off and crisp, crunching underfoot.  So crunchy hurts to walk on in bare feet.  And it's been that way for weeks already.  I have a couple neighbours with gloriously green grass, but the hippy in me won't allow water to be wasted on something as superficial as green grass.  The water table is already low from a winter without much snow, water is too precious to waste.  And so I lay awake at night praying for rain.

See what keeps me up at night?  Between rainless night and distant thunder, reassuring the dog that she was in fact ok, no storm here, and pondering my place in the universe, it was a busy night!  The result is a tired woman who will likely descend into grumpiness before the day is over.  *sigh*

It also occurs to me that my feeling out of sorts may be because of the chelation therapy I'm doing.  One of the side effects is irritableness and changes in sleep patterns.  Something to keep an eye on.  Chelation just means I'm taking big doses of DMSA, which binds to heavy metals in my body (mercury and lead), which my body can then eliminate because they are bonded to the DMSA.  It's supposed to be helping my body heal from this stupid autoimmune disease.  If it works I will be overjoyed!  Of course it also can strip the body of other minerals and stuff, so on my off days I'm taking enough mineral supplements to replete an elephant.  DMSA smells horrible.  Good times, let me tell you.

Hubs is back to work this week, so I am left to my own devices.  Maybe I'll actually clean my house.  I started scrubbing down the kitchen the other day, but got sidetracked by the prospect of going for a walk instead.  All of these things distract me from getting any practical work done.  I'm going to have to clean soon, I think I'll lose my mind living in the mess if I don't.  **note** although it bothers me, it's not exactly like a case of Hoarders, if that's what you're thinking.  We haven't reached that state of affairs yet...emphasis on yet :)  All of our rodents are in their appropriate cages.

Speaking of walking....I think I'll take the dog for a walk.  Before it gets too hot.  And since the robin is singing of rain, the trees are blowing rain, and outside has that quiet before the rain feeling, I should do it soon.  I would hate to think my sleepness night was all for nought.

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