Saturday, July 14, 2012


My 2 week whirlwind Principal's qualifications course ended yesterday!  Whew!  It truly was a whirlwind 2 weeks, class all day, homework all evening and again in the very early morning.  But I lived through it, met some fantastic people and am ready for an overdue vacation!

In that vein, instead of cleaning my disgusting house, I'm going to my parent's trailer for the weekend.  Lake Huron bliss.  And I'm not cleaning next week either--hubs has another week of holidays, and I'm spending it hanging out with him and the family.  He has held down the fort for the past 2 weeks  several months through thick and thin, it's time to give him something beyond the leftover bits of me.  The reality is that I couldn't be where I am professionally without his support.

I feel like I've been missing so much.  I read a few blogs this morning, cuddled with the dog, contemplated my piles of stuff sitting around my house and decided to completely ignore the mess and write a blog post instead.  I'm resetting my priorities :)  And with any luck my internal clock--4 a.m. is fine when you have homework to do, not so much when you are trying to relax and sleep in.  Baby steps....

Also so looking forward to time for exercise!  Still a little leery about running with my back, but I can walk and swim.  And do some careful yoga poses.  It's going to feel sooooooo good!  And time to prepare healthy meals--craving quinoa!

I'm also going to go to the Scandinave spa (a very generous gift from a student) and get totally relaxed, go get a pedicure and manicure and even maybe an eyebrow wax and haircut.  It's truly distressing to discover that you can't possibly pluck your own eyebrows anymore because blonde hairs + aging eyes = I can't see a damn thing in the mirror!  Until I'm driving in bright sunshine, and then I can see that some eyebrow grooming is long overdue--but that's another middle-aged story!

Did I mention no mores courses until next summer?  And then I've planning on doing the course in France!  Starting saving $$$ right away so I can afford that adventure.

Enjoy every last minute of this beautiful weekend.  :)  I'll see you at the beach!

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