Saturday, May 4, 2013

10 Things

My blog friend Eco Yogini wrote an awesome blog post yesterday. You can read it here

and in it she challenges us to write 10 things you love about your self---your non-physical self. She also asks us to tell 3 friends something you love about them. Let me just start by saying that she is an inspiring woman, her passion for the environment, her Acadian heritage and her work as a speech pathologist are a pleasure to read about. And I love when she writes about yoga too. goes. 10 things I love about me:

1. My ability to form relationships with children, as an educator. My office isn't where you go when you're in trouble, it's a safe place to talk to a caring adult.

2. My passion for all things education, especially improving student achievement.

3. My cognitive ability. Like the way my brain works.

4. The way I've never met a dog that didn't love me. Or cat for that matter.

5. My off-beat sense of humour. It's been a little hidden lately, but I love laughing. And making people laugh.

6. My practical, get things done nature. I am the antithesis of a procrastinator. Works for me.

7. My creativity. I have an artsy side, I enjoy creating.

8. My passion for equity. Especially for children. It's amazing where we can find silent inequities in daily life when we're aware.

9. Speaking both English and French. Sometimes I forget that it's not something everyone can do.

10. My uncanny ability to remember names, phone numbers and birthdays. I may lose my purse, but I can remember all of my elementary school friends parents' phone numbers and their birthdays. Without the help of Facebook. And word for word conversations. It drives my husband nuts.

After a crappy week, Eco Yogini's post made me smile.....and helped to put things in perspective. Yes, I'm very distracted lately, my brain circuits are overloaded, hence losing my purse, but that doesn't make me stupid. Which is how I felt when I realized in my distracted state, having left my purse at a store, and recovering the purse minus my iPod and brand new iPhone and some money. Stupid. And an expensive mistake. But it was a mistake, we all make them. And in the end, it's just stuff. Possessions. I got back the purse I love, that my hubs bought for me for Mother's Day last year. That's more important to me than the other stuff. I can replace them (because I am fortunate enough to have a great job and the financial means, that in itself is a huge thing I should be grateful for).

I am much more than my possessions, my physical body and the mistakes that I make.

And I am passing the challenge along. Either comment or write a blog post telling 10 things you like about yourself, and tell 3 friends something you love about them. No physical attributes allowed! It's harder than you think.

I realize how much my professional life defines me as a person. It's time to get a hobby!


Eco Yogini said...

YAY! I love these things that you love about yourself! (and thank you for the lovely compliment- *blush*!)

I'm sorry to hear that you lost your iphone and ipod- that sucks, but you're right that they are only possessions and it's great that you got your purse back. :)

The kiddos at your school are lucky to have you as their principal! You inspire me :) (also, I am jealous that you remember birthdays, not my forté by far haha!)

Anonymous said...

The children at our school and our staff are very lucky to have you.. The one thing I have learned over the years is the art of balance.. No it is not always possible but when it is hobbies, children, and family are my first priority.. I guess what I'm saying is we can get so into or dedicated to our work that we forget about the most important things ourselves and our family.. Enjoy this sunny weekend! Sarah R.

Only in Louisiana ~ documenting the adventures we call Life! said...

So wonderful to hear someone say they "like" their line of work ~ I bet your school is top notch because you enjoy what you do! Thanks for dropping by my blog..always love to hear from you! said...

I loved this post!! I also love that you enjoy your work!