Monday, April 29, 2013

IT band woes

I went for an assessment and therapy on my very sore knees today.  Which hurt like crazy, I might add.  Yes, it's my IT bands.  No I'm not allowed to run.  Or even take long walks.  Or really do anything but the exercises HE gave me.  And frustratingly, I'm told it's more significant than I thought.  If I ever want to run--or take long walks again, I need to fix it.  No, new stability shoes aren't the answer.  I need to "exercise it better."  It's a good thing HE is very attractive, and kind of funny.  Although I didn't find today funny at all.  More painful and disappointing than anything.  Like the kind of pain you breath through with your best deep yoga breathing and still have tears and have to restrain yourself from punching him.  Even though he's being gentle-ish.  And tells you to let him know if it's too much....after you mutter the "f" word sort of under your breath.  Or maybe sort of stage-whisper-ish.  Whatever.  He did tell me I didn't need to apologize after he hit a particularly painful spot and I nearly jumped (involuntarily) off the table.  He also told me that he's had the same work and it does suck.  I noticed.  

Not going to lie.  Forties kind of suck.  At least physically.  Difficult to remain chipper about your middle aged body when it's being traitorous and not working well.  It does make me question what the heck those in the forties who don't take care of themselves feel like.  I take quite good care and I'm still a train wreck!  Well, maybe just a derailment.  I'm working on it.

The good news in what was a gloomy weather and feeling kind of day is that it's not like it's a serious illness or anything.  It's not fatal. It will get better.  I just need to be patient....and anyone who knows me, knows that's NOT my strong point.

So here's my August, I will be running 5k 3 times a week.  Seems reasonable, doesn't it?  Now I have something to work towards :)

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