Monday, April 22, 2013

No running :(

The bad news is that I've resolved my hip issue, but now have a very sore knee. But I think I have the answer. I think that when my hip was bad (like the past year and a half) the change in my gait not only started a bunion, but inflamed my IT band. So while it's painful, it is very easily treatable. Dr A will be driving a new tricked out Jeep by the time I've resolved all of these issues! I guess lots of foam roller action (it frickin' hurts!) and therapy and I'll be good as new. Or least any other middle aged woman :)

It's a bummer, but I'm relieved that it isn't something more serious. And it means that eventually I will be running again. For now walking and strength training with some yoga thrown in for good measure. Around the craziness of life. No problem.

Speaking of craziness, the end is in sight! My huge project that I've been working on for over a year about improving math instruction is almost wrapped up. I spent a huge chunk of the weekend working on it--and when I added up the hours actually working on it (not counting the countless hours I've spent thinking and obsessing about it), I've logged almost 140. And I'm not done! But I've realized that I'll never really be done, just done for now. When it's finished, it kills 2 proverbial birds with one stone, because I am using it to satisfy my principals practicum as well. Which means the current course (and associated workload) is the end of the coursework/research for a while. Until I complete my Masters. But I can use the work I've done up until now for credit, and my math project is an excellent starting point for my thesis. Interesting topic for someone who always hated math in school and worked very hard to get decent math grades, no?

Perhaps when I'm done this project and the course I'll actually have time to clean my house from top to bottom, instead of the lick and a promise it's been getting all school year. Or maybe I should hire someone to do it for me while I go to the, that doesn't sit well. I'll do it and then recover at the beach.

Happy Earth Day by the way! I hope everyone gets the chance to spend some time in nature enjoying it. I'm planning to!

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Last year and most years on Earth Day I clean up garbage with my nephew. He's been doing it since he was about four and loves it. Imagine a four year old saying "people are disgusting!" But replace bee skusstin for the word.

This year it snowed and I was cranky. I feel as if I'm becoming the curmudgeon of this 'burb!

Sorry to hear about your issues allowing your doc to become rich! Lol. Seriously- that blows and I'm sorry.