Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Murphy's Law

I was a little distracted yesterday. Drove hubs car (which used to be mine), and apparently left the lights on when I got to school. Crazy, crazy day, I didn't eat lunch until 3:00. Did a bunch of stuff to get ready for two days at a Ministry of Ed planning session, popped in and out of my friend's Arbonne party in the staff room and then was rushing to get away to pick my kiddo at school after his rugby practice. Only to find that the really cool feature that turns the lights off for you no longer works. And it doesn't even have a beep to tell you they're on! So dead battery. Get one of the hostesses of the party to come boost me, crossed the jumper cables because I didn't see the +symbol and was going by colour, which zapped the stereo (I think, what do I know, I crossed the damned cables!). But I got home. Luckily my older son has a car and could get his brother. I interrupted a date to get him to do it, but his girlfriend likes us. Luckily.

Went to change into yoga pants and my favourite Fighting Irish hoodie to take the dog for a long walk and think about the stuff that's crowding my brain and making me distracted. Pulled sweatshirt over my head and decided it smelled like cat urine. And was damp. My geriatric incontinent cat had peed on my fav comfy hoodie. Which I had on. Eeewwwwwww! Let that be a lesson to always put stuff away properly!

It was at that point I ditched the walk, and poured a big glass of Sauv Blanc. In my Lakehead hoodie. Go Thundercats. They're no Irish, but they'll do. Did I mention daughter is aThundercat and is moving home from school today? I miss her.

Anyway, it's a good thing that there. was only one glass of wine left in the bottle, or I might have had a slight hangover today. And red wine isn't doing it for me lately. The smarter thing would have been to go for the walk and had a gentle yoga practice, but with Murphy in full force, I was afraid I'd get hit by a car. Or attacked by one of the many loose dogs Chase and I see on our walks. My house was definitely safer. And had corn chips, olive hummus and spicy salsa. It's a meal, right? It was last night.

My mind is still crowded, I'm still distracted, and my sweatshirt didn't get washed yet. But I did wash the kiddo's rugby clothes. Although, my Eco friendly high efficiency, low water machine doesn't always get all of the mud out. And I haven't packed for my overnight trip to the conference. But I think I've booted Murphy. At least I hope I have.

Btw, I fully realize my Murphy's Law day is nothing compared to what others endure on a daily basis. Just believe me when I say that I understand that. My blog helps me to put things in perspective, but there are things I don't share. Things that would be considered TMI and would betray the confidence of others. I'm distracted, and just blaming it on Murphy.

Ok, time to get my stuff together for the next couple of days. I feel better having blurted all that out. Happy Wednesday my people.

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