Wednesday, October 10, 2012


My husband is on afternoons.  It's the second week.  And quite frankly, it sucks.  While I'm not crazy about the first week, it's not too bad, spending evenings doing my own thing (while the boys often do their own thing in another room).  There's only so many hours one can while away on pinterest, facebook and other people's blogs.  I catch up on schoolwork first, then read, and then spend time on the computer.  Sometimes I watch t.v.

It's just our way of life, not spending much any time together for 2 weeks of each month.  But I don't like it.  If I wasn't drained from work, etc, I could take up a hobby.  For now the only appealing hobby is sleeping :)  I shouldn't complain.  At least my sons are around.  I'm really not looking forward to 4 years from now when I'm really all by myself!

K, enough whining.  This post is really for my husband.  So he knows that I miss him.  He will read it when he gets up tomorrow (and I'm at school, changing the world, one child at a time....or something like that), or maybe even when he gets home tonight.

On the plus side, I have my fur posse surrounding me.  Two kitties, and one dog.  All hellbent on being close to me.  Pretty sweet, really.  And they will likely join me when I crawl into bed tonight.  Which doesn't leave much room for said husband.  Unfortunately for the posse, he doesn't share my willingness to contort himself around sleeping critters.  But when choosing between furry friends and husband, I choose husband.
Every time.

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Brad generally works nights when he's up and moving. So at first it seems fun when he goes back to work. I watch MY shows aka "my stories"..catch up on reading. Crafty projects..etc...and then by day six I miss him (earlier, of course) and am just tired of not seeing him and trying to catch up through texts and emails!

I've now gotten used to sending him cute or funny things via email and so I've still been doing it while he's here in the other room. The other day I sent him a cute "Animals who mother other animals who aren't their own" videos. In one, a cat was mothering a baby squirrel. Just took it as her own and fed it along with her kittens. The squirrel learned to purr. Aww! I know, so cute!

So I ask him "Did you see that video?" Brad "Why would you send me that when I'm right here?" Me "Well, it's not like I can really ACT it out, you have to view it!"


Hope you're having a fabulous Sunday. I just cleaned the toilet. I don't know why as it was not part of my plan, but you have to strike when inspiration hits!

I am off to buy pie in a bit. Reeses peanut butter cup OR french silk? Feel free to weigh in!