Monday, October 8, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving....Canadian style

It is Thanksgiving in Canada.  A long weekend of big meals, fall weather and working around the house.  Saturday Thanksgiving dinner at my parents/birthday celebration for hubs and oldest nephew.  The next big family meal will be Christmas, and my sister will have had her baby by then.  Our houses aren't going to be big enough to hold us all!

Photo: Howdy Neighbours. This is our Mountain in full regalia.
Thanksgiving picture of Blue Mountain area (which I swiped from Dave Russell, via facebook.  Thanks Dave!)

Yesterday was our smaller family Thanksgiving, minus our daughter and her boyfriend.  They had one of his family dinners.  Big difference between the 4 of us, and the 16 of us the day before!  The day was a very low-key day, and I got caught up on some very important tasks.  You know, reading blogs and pinterest.  Things I've gotten a little behind in :)  I could do that with little guilt, seeing how I did hours of school work stuff Saturday morning when I was up at 5 because I couldn't sleep.  Yes, that's just how exciting my life is.  4 hours of work on a Saturday morning while the house sleeps, and hours blog reading and pinning on a Sunday.  I did do some laundry and read the newspaper too, just so you know my weekend hasn't been completely one of sloth.

Hubs has been working on cleaning the garage this weekend.  Forcing me to go through some boxes of teaching stuff that were stored in the rafters.  I ended up throwing most of it out.  Teachers are a Hoarders episode waiting to happen!  I haven't tackled the boxes from June that are still sitting waiting to be sorted, from when I cleaned out my classroom.  I don't think I'll ever have a classroom again, so I don't know why I keep so much stuff.  Again, hoarder issues!

While he was cleaning, he dumped an old flowerpot into the compost bin.  When I soon afterwards went to dump some apple peelings, I discovered little beady eyes looking at me as soon as I lifted the lid.  He had unknowingly dumped a nest of young mice.  I of course am a softy, and had to rescue them.  Against his better judgement, he helped me to get them out of the bin and release them into the wild.  AKA my neighbours back yard.  Field mice are adorable, cute little creatures.  And I cannot harm a living thing.  I should add that this is not a backyard compost bin, but the bin that gets collected by the township on garbage day.  They would have been crushed.  I could not allow that to happen.

While this is not one of the released mice, they did look pretty much like this.  Only a little grayer.  They were young.

If the crazy weather cooperates today, perhaps a nice long walk with the dog.  It was cold enough here yesterday for a winter coat (and I was wearing sandals and shorts last week!), and my b-i-l said it was like sleet where they live, 20 minutes away.  Cold I can handle, wet precipitation of any description, no thanks.  But dare I say it?!  I have been pain free for a week, both hip and foot.  I'm knocking on wood right now so I don't jinx myself!  I want to go for a walk.  Maybe once it warms up a bit outside.  Maybe I'll even get a few pictures of my own, instead of grabbing them from my friends' facebook pages!

Whatever I do, I'm going to enjoy one more day of weekend.  It's the last one until Christmas vacation.  I'm going to make it count!

1 comment: said...

Well Happy Thanksgiving, Canada Style! I love Thanksgiving minus the cold temps and much shorter days here!

Soo glad to hear you had some pain free moments! Hoorah!

I never knew teachers could have hoarding issues, but you reminded me of the many boxes I have kept for nearly FIVE years in our extra bedroom--filled with all of my stuff from art/design school. I like making my best friend uncomfy by taking out my nude drawings that I did for a class at the U of M. It makes me laugh to view her discomfort, so I take them out about once a year with a "Hey! Look at this guy! Remember him?"

Completely related but not useful: In that class, i learned that rounder, heavier people are much more interesting to draw than thin peeps. That's one to grow on.

Waking up at 5AM is It happened to me a few days ago. I stayed awake until around 8am and then a sick dog woke me up.

If only I could have dropped said dog off to Carol Bailey's for some dog sitting!

Have a great Tuesday!