Tuesday, October 2, 2012

late night phone caller & a double life

Dear Carol Bailey,
I don't know who you are.  I'm not sure I want to know.  I do know that you called me at 10:16 last night, disturbing my peaceful slumber.  I realize 10:16 is not late for most normal people, but I wake up for the day between 4 and 5 a.m., so 10:16 is very late.  And possibly when I am in REM.  I know it was you, no point denying it.  I have caller ID.  And I'm thinking about giving you a hang-up call at 4 when I wake up tomorrow.  But I will block my phone number, so you will have no idea who it was.  I'm not usually a vindictive woman, but when it involves sleep, look out.
A tired and grumpy Nicole  Hmmmph!

Glad to have that off of my chest.

Today is an exciting day!  Not only am I wearing my very comfortable Queen Elizabeth shoes (they are red, one saving grace), so my suspected bunion isn't hurting, today my Ministry of Education funded project actually begins!  Ok, it's not just mine, I share it with some fantastic teacher friends.  But I am very excited!  It's been almost a full year since we applied for the grant, and we are starting!  Yippeeeeeee!!!!!!

That's where the double life part comes in.  By weekend I am a wine drinking, yoga pant (or pyjamas, who am I kidding?!) wearing, wild haired person.  By weekday I am an educator.  I wear fairly conservative clothing, tame my wild tresses and slip my tootsies into shoes that would make British monarchs proud.  I do very exhilarating things all day long--discipline unruly children, support teachers, answer a kajillion emails, read compelling professional research and yes, write grant proposals.  Based on data of student learning that I have examined for trends and gaps in student learning.  I align my work with Ministry of Education plans, board plans and school plans.

So you see, that's why come Saturday I refuse to get dressed in real clothes.  I only do so under duress.  The people of my small town are under the impression that I may in fact be a lunatic.  Because they only get to see me at my weekend finest.  I'm sure they don't even recognize me when I pop into the store after school.

A real double life.  Watch it Carol Bailey, I may not just hang-up phone call you, I may send you a suspension letter too. 


Tina@thriftingwithcake.blogspot.com said...


That damned Carol Bailey! Who is she anyway? That name doesn't seem to be of a recent enough generation to be one of your students..hmmmmm

I can only say that I am not the same person half awake or "just taken out of REM sleep" as I am awake. Half awake, I feel it possible to kill with my bare hands. NO! I would never, but I am that crabby!

Hubby woke me up the other night around midnight and I was NOT happy. I pulled it together but felt near tears and just wanted to scream "Let me sleep, you bastards!" <--that would be in reference to the dogs as well. I never feel that way in waking life.

You always make me laugh!

Have a great rest of the week & enjoy your sensible shoes! I just bought boots..FLAT for once and very, very comfy! I'm getting old!

Yoga pants, Wine & Messy Hair Always,


Autoimmune Girl said...

You manage to make me laugh. I hope Carol doesn't call again for her sake.;-)

Tina@thriftingwithcake.blogspot.com said...

PS: Who the hell is Carol anyway? LOL.

Nicole said...

Tina, I don't know who she is, I think it was a wrong number. Can you imagine calling a wrong number, and having an entire blog entry written about you?? LOL Poor Carol. She didn't know what she was getting into.