Tuesday, March 13, 2012

spring weight loss?

So I've been working to lose the *ahem* "few" pounds I've gained over the winter.  I've been feeling a little draggy, not just myself lately.  Today I went to visit my naturopath and expressed my concerns to her.  And low and behold there are some actual possible reasons for my relative funk.  Blood pressure? Elevated.  Enough to be of some concern.  Thyroid & iron?  Being tested, but the likely reason for my lack of energy and weight gain.  Wacko menstrual cycle?  Need progesterone.  The beauty of going to an ND as my primary care physician?  Tests ordered today, and appointment next Monday to discuss the results.  In addition, I was booked for a 1/2 hour appointment (hello?  NEVER had an appt that long with an MD!), but spent a full 45 minutes with her.  She wants to hear about my whole body/emotions/life so that she can get my whole reality and make evaluations based on all of the information.  And she trusts me to know myself, and to be the best judge of what I need. 

Having said that, I am blessed in that I have a wonderful career with excellent benefits that enable me to afford to visit her, and pay for my assorted tests and treatments.  It would be amazing for everyone, regardless of financial means, to have the choice to access this comprehensive and full care.  Wouldn't it be nice to live in a society that valued preventative care, not just acute care once one's health is deteriorated beyond the scope of average care?

Okay, so it's not all in my head.  There are physical reasons for how I've been feeling.  Validation is a powerful thing.  And I have an immediate appointment to get the results of my tests and to plan the actions to heal what needs to be healed.

To aid in the spring weight loss efforts, I have been running and walking alot.  My trusty walking partner has been enjoying it too. 

Chase the wonderdog looking very serious

She's pooped and quite happy to curl up and sleep on the couch. I think she even smiled a bit when I left for a big part of the day today--it meant she could veg out and not think about more exercise :)  And an added benefit?  She's losing some winter pudge too.  Being an only doggy means not much wild play to wear off calories.  Chasing the cats just isn't the same. 

Speaking of wonderdogs and spring, the melting snow has uncovered, well, poop.  Lots of it.  Tomorrow the organic waste bin, a rake and I have a date in the backyard.  Spring is always so much fun!


Only in Louisiana ~ documenting the adventures we call Life! said...

With all that I am reading about, your wieght loss will come soon...and I am curious what a naturopath is...in the United States, that is not a common medical term, at least where I am from! Good luck!

Nicole said...

Thanks! I am hoping to get my health back on track and the weight I've gained will come off naturally.

A naturopath is a doctor trained in natural medicine. They are regulated and have the same amount of education as an MD. Here in Ontario they can order blood tests, do Pap tests (which is called a Well Woman visit, sounds so much nicer!), and look at the whole person. Preventative medicine is the goal, and not just treating the symptom. My MD would tell me to eat better and get more exercise. My naturopath wants to know why I've gained weight.

As you've likely noticed, I'm pro natural! My ND is my primary healthcare professional, and I would only go back to my MD if she told me she couldn't treat something. I've had much better care from her!