Friday, March 9, 2012

some days

It is a weary day.  Yesterday were electives at school, and a good deal of my students and myself were downhill skiing.  Tired teachers and tired students.  It was a wonderful day....

But this morning at school I found out that the baby brother of one of my students died.  He was strangled trying to get out of a makeshift crib.  This same family had the next child older almost killed by being run over by a skidsteer loader last summer.  That child spent months in Sick Kids hospital.  The baby who died yesterday was born while his brother recovered in the hospital.  It makes me absolutely heartsick. 

My grief for this family is mixed with anger.  How can they not take care of their children and ensure their safety?  Another older brother lost his lower leg in a haymower accident when he was a little guy.  How is it that children become almost expendable?  Instead of treating them as precious and worthy of utmost care, their lives are squandered.  The horror experienced by that baby as he slowly strangled to death, all alone.  It would not have been an easy/quick end to a too short life.

There are too many "accidents" in this community.  Too many children seriously injured.  Fathers losing limbs in farming accidents.  Children dying in preventable accidents.  When will it stop?  Has there been an investigation into these accidents of little ones?

And how does this affect the other children in the family?  The grief that will be silenced and held within the self-isolated community.  It appalls me.  I grieve for the family, the children and the community.  But I feel that there needs to be accountability.  Children are to be treasured and protected, not left to accident and injury.

I know I need to get past the feelings of anger, and do whatever I can to support the children that are at school who will be dealing with this.  It makes me feel ill.  And incredibly saddened that I would not be welcomed at the funeral for this baby.

It is a somber end to the week preceding our holiday.  Sadly, many in this community will not be having a fun vacation.

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cargillwitch said...

absolutely horrific Nicole. As one who works with 150-200 families each year ( many, many involved with Childrens aid) I can't believe this family has flown under the radar.I have experienced removal of children for far less.
I hope you can in some way make this year better for your student, at least for a few hours each day they can be safe.
By the way,I think your feelings are well justified.