Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happiness is....

Happiness is a week of beautiful warm weather and sunshine.  A day spent wandering through Ikea, getting decorating ideas and picking up a few odds and ends.  Including new bookshelves for the bedroom (finally, enough storage for our favourite books!), and a new duvet cover.  At the mall (not a big fan of malls, but needed a few things) a new bright pink shirt for work, and a really nice dark denim jean jacket!  For the record, I still love my Hollywood Era, silver studded *vintage* 1986 jean jacket, but my children will not let me wear it publicly.  It's hanging in my closet and I wear it at every opporunity.  Usually to 80s themed parties.  And honestly, why wouldn't I wear a jacket from grade 11 that still fits me???  However, silver studs aside, the new jacket is going to look super for work, with a skirt or nice capris. 

Sidetracked....yesterday was a big dose of happiness.  And I guess because the new duvet cover doesn't have that special worn in spot yet, I woke up this morning with a warm, purring kitty snuggled up to my body.  Alistair Cookie the kitty usually sleeps beside my feet.  It was a nice treat having him curled up where I could reach him to pet him.  And purring no less.

I also picked up a couple of cheapy polar fleece throws for the livingroom and family room.  Same as my lime green ones, so I can put the brown wintery ones away.  I don't often change things up for the seasons, but a punch of red does my heart good!  And red towels for the downstairs powder room.  Red and lime green sounds like a bizarre combination (and I guess it is!), but it works so well with my chocolate brown leather furniture and oak hardwood.  I think I should find some red potted tulips or gerber daisies to put on the diningroom table too.

I`m planning to paint my antique desk (Aunt Go-go is likely rolling in her grave!), and trying to decide on a colour.  I saw an amazing bright yellow makeover piece on another blog (no idea which one now), but yellow wouldn`t look great with our Wilmington Tan walls.  Hubs doesn`t want red, lime green would be a bit much.  If you have any ideas, let me know.  I can`t envision it in my minds eye.

While at Ikea, hubs also convinced me about a new tv shelving unit deal he wants when he finally gets the big flatscreen television I`ve been putting off for years.  Same line as the  new shelves in our room, and alot cheaper than the built-ins I want.  But it will require some saving of $$ and I still haven`t totally capitulated on the tv issue.  Because basketball games will be awesome to watch is not the the incentive I need to give in on something that is a luxury item we don`t actually need.  We have a perfectly fine television that still works.  The other issue a new tv would entail is, what do we do with the perfectly fine wall unit we inherited from my grandmother?  No, it's not a style I would go out and buy, but it cost alot of money in the day, and works fine for the tv we have now.  I guess hang on to it until we finish our basement, or pass it on to Jess for her place. 

As I write, I'm filled with happiness again, coffee in a beautiful cup I got for Mother's Day years ago (yellow with a handpainted rooster, from Spain), Chase the wonderdog curled up on the couch next to me, Jasmine the fluffy orange *ancient* kitty watching me from the chair on the other side of me and the luxury of time.  Dropped Jackson off at work, Seamus and hubs still sleeping, Jess safe and sound at university.

Another source of happiness?  Jess got hired at Honda for the summer again, a great job making way more $$ than any other job in the area, and we're going to look at a house with her tomorrow for next year at school.  Extra bonus?  Honda means she is going to ride with her Dad, and I won't be without my car for the summer!  It means much more freedom for summer, and she will have enough $$ for school.  She is determined to do it on her own, and Honda means she likely can.

The birds are chirping outside, the spring peepers were singing last night--happiness.


cargillwitch said...

as our children venture out our happiness is often tied in with their happiness and well being isn't it?( oh by the way? I vote cherry red for the desk, always my fall back colour for wood!)

Nicole said...

So very true! House for next year a bust, but may have found some other possibilities.

Only in Louisiana ~ documenting the adventures we call Life! said...

Sounds like things are going your when life is like that! Enjoy the moment...and I love when the birds start chirping ~ Spring is here ~ Yay! Very upbeat post!