Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

I am a Valentine's Day failure.  I did not buy my valentine a card.  I could make excuses, but they would only be excuses.  I intended to buy one today after school, but by the time I went to my kid's basketball game and dropped off assorted teenagers the drug store was closed.  Crap.  What kind of a wife doesn't buy a card for her husband??

I'm feeling guilty, and like I need to make amends.  Especially since I woke up to a beautiful card this morning.  I know he will likely read my blog, since I link it to facebook.  So honey, Happy Valentine's Day.  I didn't buy you a card, but I do love you. 

Maybe this weekend I'll bake a special treat for you.  To make up for being a crappy valentine wife.

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