Sunday, February 12, 2012

roller-coaster week

It has been one roller-coaster of a week.  I won't go into detail, but it's been a wild ride.  And I'm exhausted from it!  All is well, I'm fine with everything that happened this week, but it's tiring :)

And I found this morning when I went online that Whitney Houston has passed away at the age of 48.  Which is YOUNG!  Too young.  Whitney makes me think of high school and neon outfits, bobbed hair, pointy shoes and long strings of fake pearls.  She was very popular when I spent 3 months in Quebec on an exchange program.  The memories make me smile, but her death is sobering.  Rest in peace Whitney, I hope you find the very peace that seemed to elude you while you were alive.

I've been doing some research on cortisol.  (yeah, no segueway, sorry)  And I've resolved to practice yoga more often solely (or soul-ly, lol) to help lower the cortisol coursing through my body.  Eliminating stress isn't going to happen (I can hardly quit my job, or get rid of my family), but I can develop more regular habits to help.  That and regular massage.  Which I do anyway.

Valentine`s Day is Tuesday!  A trumped up day, ridiculously commercialized, but fun nonetheless.  It`s a wonderful excuse to go to our favourite restaurant for dinner (last night, yummmmy!) and to celebrate all things pink and red.  I`m looking forward to making some treats for my students, and watching their excitement as they exchange their cards.  And it`s the only time of year for cinnamon heart candies.  Which is likely a good thing.  Nothing says Valentine`s Day like red cinnamon heart candies.  Clearly I hangout with kids alot, because most women likely think of red roses.

This post is as scattered as my thought processes this morning.  Adult ADD is alive a well!  This morning a run instead of going to church, maybe some Hatha yoga.  Not vinyasa, too vigorous for me after a run. 

Happy Sunday friends.

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