Thursday, February 16, 2012

Early morning phone call....

The call came this morning.  Unexpected, as I perused blogs and enjoyed my morning coffee.  My favourite kind of early morning phone call.  NO BUSES today!!!  This is so exciting for teachers who are used to many no bus days every year, and who have only had one this year.  Yes, we still go to work.  Yes, we still have a few students.  But it's a day filled with crafts and fun activities that we don't normally have the chance to enjoy with our students.  So yippee for snow days!!

I've been reading my favourite blogs this morning, and I decided I must have a wall painted with chalkboard paint.  I don't know where in my house, but I must have one.  You'd think I'd be sick of chalkboards by the end of the day, but there's something about them.  I am also desperately envious (yep, one of the 7 deadly sins) of my childhood friend, the Cargillwitch.  You see her husband brought home a new appaloosa horse the other day.  And they already have beautiful horses.  And I in my suburb house have none.  So I am envious.  She also has alot of farmfresh eggs she's trying to sell, but she lives too far away for me to pick up a couple dozen.  Horses and chickens.  My that woman is lucky!  And I haven't told her this yet, but I'd love to visit her farm and catch up with her in person.  And check out the horses and chickens up close.

Which brings me to another blog I read.  Coldantler Farm, written by Jenna Jackson (no relation, although we Jackson women stick together, blood relative or not).  She has a farm and blogs about her adventures.  She posted a wicked post about how she took a leap of faith and left her rental, bought a dog, horse, chickens, meat rabbits and sheep.  She is inspirational.  But she is also single, and doesn't have 3 kidlets to educate, or a husband that doesn't have any interest in her lifestyle.  I have to say, if I were 15 years younger and unencumbered I think I would love to make that leap of faith.  She doesn't pretend it's perfect, but she obviously loves her life.  My rabbits are pets, my hubs thinks I'm bizarre for wanting backyard chickens, and frankly any more on my plate would about send me over the edge.  I'm just balancing teetering most days anyway.

I should go and change into comfy snow day clothes and get ready to go have fun at school today.  But first I'm going to finish my coffee.

Have a wonderful snow  ice day friends!


cargillwitch said...

well just come on over for that visit!I have 18 dozen eggs in the fridge desperate for good homes and the horses like to go for trail rides.
just wear your rubber boots!

And trust me like any choices we make there is always problems and bumps to navigate along the way. Fences that don't contain large animals and long commutes on less than ideal roads
the grass often appears greener but sometimes it's best in life to learn to love the pasture of your own field!

cargillwitch said...
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Nicole said...

Apparently not totally disappeared into cyberspace, I ended up publishing both comments--one via gmail, and then one when I logged into blogger (thinking the first one didn't work!).

I`m happy where I am, it`s just nice to dream :) I know that some of those little bumps would make having chickens and horses not so fun. And the thought of morning chores when I already get up hours before the sane is not ideal for my life where it is right now! My field is just smaller and suburban for the time being. Exactly how it should be for where I`m at in life.

But I still think that Valentine`s horse is pretty sweet. And I`m looking forward to the name decision (a gelding named Valentine has such a nice ring to it....)