Monday, May 23, 2011

lovely long weekend

What an amazing long, Victoria Day weekend we have been enjoying! Warm weather, enough sun and now awesome windy weather, make me a happy girl :) I could do without the rain, but as my students were singing to me the other day, "rain makes corn, corn makes whiskey." So inappropriate for school, but entertaining nonetheless.

Hubs and annoying neighbour set fenceposts on Friday and Saturday, once the concrete is totally dry and the holes backfilled, they will start building the fence. Which means I will be able to put in my gardens. Not much point until construction is finished, they will only be trampled. And even better, even more annoying neighbour on other side's kids will no longer be able to wander through my yard, trampling my plants. And generally raising my stress levels and blood pressure! Lots of yogic breathing to deal with those munchkins.

Looking forward to a nice yoga practice tomorrow evening, after missing class last week. I should be practising more at home, but just haven't gotten there yet. Enjoying weekend too much to exercise. But it's been lovely relaxing.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

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