Thursday, May 5, 2011


My son had his appointment with my naturopath and got the results of his allergy tests. And guess what? He has even more allergies than me. Gluten, dairy, eggs, sugar cane, asparagus (I know, weird!), garlic (but only mildly). Poor kid. So the upshot of all this is that we will be a gluten/dairy/egg/sugar-free house. I'm not surprised, since I've suspected food allergies since he was just a little guy. Not sure anyone is going to enjoy the changes we're going to make, but it's not fair for him if we have stuff in the house that he can't have. And it's not like it's going to hurt anyone. In fact everyone will probably enjoy the best health ever.

So I guess hippy-mama is going to have to emerge once again. I think that given my already busy life, homemade bread is going to have to come out of a breadmaker. I think that's what I'll ask for for Mother's Day. Luckily for hippyo-mama, there's lots of gluten-free blogs already read. I will be the Bulk Barn's best customer.

On the plus side, farmer's markets are starting to open and there will be tons of fresh produce available. Always easier to eat well when there's lots of yummy readily available.

Oh yeah, she also mentioned that he would benefit from yoga to help his bad back. I would love for him to join me at yoga. But as he mentioned to the dr. he would rather be caught dead than in a yoga class. Maybe Wii yoga? Maybe we can have a yogi/wii party! ...somehow I don't see that happening....

Adventures in parenting and battling allergies....

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cargillwitch said...

have you ever been part of a food co-op? I have been part of one for 17 years. Best way to get really good quality " niche" organic food items at wholesale prices! check out the Ontario Natural Food co-op on line. I imagine there is a buying club near you that you could join and order with. SO much better than open cross contaminated bins from the Bulk Barn- and the prices are better too!