Thursday, November 28, 2013

The awesome Vitamin C IV

Exhausted, sinus headache and achy, achy joints and muscles?  Sounds like the flu.  Feels like the flu. In addition to my handfuls of vitamins, homeopathic nasal spray and LOTS of extra sleep, I highly recommend going to a naturopath for a VitaminC IV with extra immune booster shot added in.  I dragged my sorry self out of bed yesterday, headed to the ND and had my IV.  Back home, Advil for the aching and back to bed.  This morning woke up feeling much more like myself.  Much less aching, no more Advil and just more resting.  Hopefully back to school tomorrow.  The trick is catching it in time--don't wait until you're already really sick, be proactive.  I can't say enough about the magic IV!

Update:  while the IV helped, I have succumbed to the aches again.  So more Advil, more napping and no work again tomorrow.  :(  but my hubs tells me I have more colour in my face and I'm not quite as pale.  Always a good sign.  But without the IV I would be a mess, so I'm still grateful!

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