Saturday, November 9, 2013

It's been awhile......

I know it's been quite a while.  But life is crazy and all fell apart the first week of school, so here we are.  I don't want to fill blog land with whiny posts that are oozing with self-pity.  Not my style.  Let's just say fall has kicked my ass, and I'm looking forward to things looking up from here on in.

I am grateful for a supportive husband and family, good friends and colleagues.  The past few weeks especially have made me think about resiliency.  What makes some resilient and others not so much?  Maybe outlook on life?  I'm not sure, but is know that when I'm feeling stressed and ready to meltdown, I take a look around and remind myself that it could be worse.  Yes, work is stressful, I'm worried about my parents and other family members and friends, but I'm ok.  I have a good job, a beautiful home and a great family.  I'm healthy (except for that pesky anemia....) and life is pretty good.  Maybe that's the difference.  I'm not sure.  I do know that I want to shake a few people and tell them to wake up and take a look at their lives--enough with the drama.  I question how our society is devolving into  a society of self-pity and lack of resilient individuals.  Put on your big girl panties (or boy gotchies), a pair of boots and get on with it.  Kick life in the butt.  Got lemons?  Make lemonade.

So there you have it.  Working on getting back to serenity.  Reminding my self daily, "it is what it is".  I even bought a Mantraband that I wear daily to remind of that simple yet effective mantra.  If you can't change it, get over it and move on.

And pin Christmas stuff.  It will make you feel good, if you are a Christmas lover like I am.  I can't wait.  It's the best time of year.  What's not to love in December?  My birthday, anniversary and Christmas all in one month.  Absolutely fantastic.

And if all else fails?  Utter your favourite curse words, pour a glass of your favourite adult beverage and have a hot bath laced with Epsom salts and lavender oil.  Tomorrow is a new day.


sarah rourke said...

Well said!! I agree tomorrow is a new day.. Don't dwell on the stuff you cannot change or those that you cannot change ..Look for the positive and work for the future!

Eco Yogini said...

oh! I'm sorry you had a rough fall. Isn't it weird- fall for me is crazy stressful and busy every single year. i said to my hubby yesterday that maybe i'll just start saying "No." in the fall every year pre-emptively.

i hope peace starts coming your way- and i'm happy you are doing things you love to make you feel better :)