Thursday, April 5, 2012

find your passion

Passion week seems like the perfect time to speak of finding your personal passion.  It coincides with a week spent grieving the loss of an amazing coworker.  A life spent in education, a positive, joyful woman, her life cut tragically short by an automobile accident.  She and her husband both taken shortly before their retirement.  The time of life when the freedom to do all of the things for which you didn't have time.  Leaving behind family, friends and acquaintances reeling with the suddenness and shock of it.

My message is this--life is too short.  Don't count on doing "it" (whatever it is for you) later, when you retire, when the kids leave, when you can afford it, when you have more time.  If it is something you feel strongly about, do it now.  We don't have the luxury of knowing when our time on earth is up.  Find the joy, find the passion, do what you love.  Spend time with your loved ones.  Kiss your kids, your spouse.  Tell people that you love them and how much they mean to you.

I am guilty of waiting, not making the time now.  If my friend and coworker Joan and her death have taught me anything, it is that the time is NOW.  Not later.

In loving memory of Joan and Neil Coe.  You may be gone, but your spirit lives on.


Anonymous said...

I love you, Nicky Nine!

Nicole said...

I love you too J! Even if you want to be anonymous...I know who you are