Tuesday, April 12, 2011

feeling consumed by guilt and yet relief

As I mentioned before, for some insane reason, it seemed like a really good time to take a course. Suffice it to say--maybe not?! I was busy before, now I am consumed. Although I have school stuff I should be doing, and course work that I could be doing, I'm taking the night off. Totally. I'm going to yoga, and I'm not even going to work before I go. I know--rebel. Of course, I'm consumed with guilt, but at the same time feeling mighty relieved! I've been exhausted lately, and the non-stop schedule is totally to blame. So tonight is work-free and I'm yoga-ing it up. Maybe yoga will help get the kinks out of my back and neck, and focusing on the breath will be a lovely change from focusing on everything else. And hubs is taking the Shimster to his extra basketball practice tonight. Sweet. Namaste--I really mean it!

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