Sunday, January 23, 2011

the quest for yummy allergen-free food

I have been so bored with my somewhat limited variety of food choices, I've been looking for some new, tasty ideas that will make it easier to stay on my path. So I discovered vanilla soy yogurt--a sugar-free version--that mixed with organic sugar-free granola, ground flax and strawberries is delicious! The health food section at Zehrs in Orangeville actually has a better selection of that kind of stuff than Harmony Whole Foods (also in Orangeville).

I found a recipe for vegan blueberry-cornmeal muffins that looks good too. A couple substitutions, like agave syrup for the sugar, and I can have them. And for supper tonight, curried apple squash soup and quinoa salad. And I'll have leftovers for this week too!

Mid-week dinners are the toughest. Let's just say no one is exactly excited about eating what I can eat, and with the time crunch that we all face, it can be tough. I'm sick of salad and baked chicken, but since I don't eat meat, and I can only have limited grains, pasta is out. Quick cooking meals are a challenge.

I keep researching and finding options, now just to convince the kids and Rick that it'll be good, they just have to try it.....

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