Friday, August 9, 2013

The dog days of summer.....

This is it, the final week of summer before I head back to work.  It's been a fabulous summer!  Montreal with my hubs, my parents' trailer, some time with my nephews and heading to a cottage for this last beautiful week.  Beautiful weather, LOTS of rest, very little exercise and some great books have made for a blissful holiday.  I'm looking forward to lots of beach time this week, the cottage is only a short walk to Sauble Beach.  Sauble is one of the nicest beaches in Canada.  I hope the lake is warm, and the days are sunny!  this popped up on my Twitter feed.  Brilliant.  A store that delivers "feminine" products to your home.  Someone is reaping the benefits of female biology!  In a somewhat related vein, if your doctor wants to do an impromptu endometrial biopsy, don't believe him when he says most women don't feel anything.  That sh** hurts.  A lot.  Go for the knocked out version   Never believe anyone who doesn't have a uterus when they tell you something won't hurt.  Lesson learned.

If you need to laugh until tears come, read this  Jenny Lawson is one funny, if bizarre lady.  I picked up her book to read at the cottage, it's supposed to be equally as funny.  I'll let you know.

I found a couple yoga studios near my school, I'm looking forward to getting back to a regular practice.  Dancing Turtle offers kripalu yoga, and The Yoga Barn offers several different classes, including Moksha (hot) and Vinyasa Flow.  I'm thinking vinyasa is what I need.  See you on the mat :)

Enjoy these last few of weeks of summer.  If I catch any great sunsets there will be pictures to come.

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