Thursday, March 14, 2013

aging gracefully? hmmmph!

I have come to an inevitable truth of aging.  It is expensive.  I just dropped a grand on new glasses.  That's right, between eye exam and cost of said glasses, a thousand smackeroos.  Once my insurance pays out, it will have only cost me about $400.  Honestly, what do people without the means do?  Umm, yeah, right, they just don't see very well.  And this is mainly because of aging.  You know, once you hit forty...yadda yadda.

So when you spend a fortune on glasses so that you can see to do your job, it makes the cash spent on other things to aid in aging seem reasonable.  Like hundreds of $$ on supplements to ease the passage from youth to menopause....perimenopause is an unforgiving bitch.  Just saying.  Supplements galore, and still experiencing night sweats and other unpleasantness.  Good times, let me tell you.

And I don't colour my hair or buy expensive facial stuff.  How much would that cost?  I don't even want to know.  I'm good with minimalist facial/hair care.  I can't afford it because I choose to be able to see instead :)

In other aging news, I visited the new family doctor yesterday.  It should be noted that he was confused that I've been on his patient list for three years, but he only met me yesterday.  The concept of not visiting the doctor frequently, and taking no medications seemed foreign to him.  But because I was obviously reluctant to become a frequent patient, he took me seriously.  He has ordered a boatload of tests, bloodwork, an ultrasound, and a referral to an endocrinologist with plans for a follow-up sleep study.  I'm not crazy about all of these tests, but it is nice to be taken seriously and not told to eat less and exercise more, or that it's all in my head.  I totally believe in naturopathy, but realize its limits.  It is time to find out what else is going on in my body.  I don't buy this "it's just a part of aging" crap.  I don't intend to die any time soon, and I fully intend to live life fully.  Since I plan to live to at least 100, I'm not even middle aged yet.

March Break is over half over, and I'm a little sad.  And apparently Mother Nature is experiencing perimenopausal symptoms too....warm one day, freezing and snowing again the next.  Last year on March Break we were wearing shorts and t-shirts.  This year I'm still wearing my full length down-filled coat.  I would like to at least wear my spring coat.  I can live without shorts, but seriously?!  Enough with the snow.

Spring cannot come soon enough, although as I look at my calendar, I realize that the next few months until summer are going to be crazy.  Good thing I will be able to see, at least.


4 comments: said...

You know I'm in my down filled coat right there with you! Gloves, hat under the down hood- BLAH!!

I've started having symptoms this past year. Have you read any of Suzanne Somers books on bioidentical hormones? i can shove it right up my arse, but want to be helpful. In the next few months, I'm going to see a hormone doc.

I haven't slept well in a year and it's so hard to be a present human with lack of sleep! I have found that passionflower tincture in water (40-45 drops about 2 hours before bed)works wonders, along with 2 bags of sleepytime tea. Thanks to Dr. Oz. Seems to work!

I have readers for medicines and close up viewing and regular glasses for reading. Ugh. The eyes and macular degeneration do not lie!

Wishing you a great doctor experience and some actual help!

Nicole said...

I haven't read her books, but another great one is "The Hormone Diet", by Natasha Turner. All the stuff I do helps, but I'm sure there's more going on. It was fantastic to finally talk to a doc other than my naturopath that listened and took me seriously!

And oh, the eyes. My new superduper hi techy lens should help to eliminate the eyestrain from the computer. Fingers crossed! I loved the suggestion to not use the computer as much....yeah, like that could happen in my job! Although I suppose I could cutbacks on social media use after work....nah. :)

cargillwitch said...

so far no glasses for me - but it won't be put off for long I imagine. It's my teeth that's breaking my bank- I've had one surgery already this year and know I need at least two root canals and crowns. Two fillings are suddenly also loose. Sjogrens is expensive!I go through $60 a month in eye drops and gels. I am thrilled I have extended health benefits but they won't cover anything OTC and the dental is already close to maxed out for 2013- already.
I LOVE my family doctor. I interviewed to find one. they don't really like that in Canada but I can be firm.I find allopathic medicine invaluable for diagnostic testing. Once that is done how you choose to treat( or not treat)anything that pops up is very much up to you. Glad to hear you had a good experience!

Nicole said...

I get that. I've maxed out my benefits for a couple of things, and am now onto my coordinated benefits through my hubby. OTC and any supplements are expensive! I'm thankful I can afford to buy them, I know many are not nearly as fortunate.

If its this expensive in the forties, what the heck are the seventies going to be like? I guess I'd better keep working :)