Sunday, June 20, 2010

Weight loss challenge

I'm signing up for a weight loss challenge at my gym. Winner gets 6 personal training sessions! Even I can hold it together for 6 weeks (and those poor women so do not know how competitive I am!). Since the craziness is almost over, I think I can do really well with my goals, and hopefully kick some butt! I would love some FREE personal training, who wouldn't?

Weekend full of the wrong foods, too much Bud Light with lime, and wine, time to get down to serious friends at work look to me for fitness advice, and I feel like a fraud! I do nothing but eat these days. Really time to get my act together and not undo all the work I've put into fitness.

So look for my diet journal, I'm going to try to post at least every other day. Although with the end of school, I will have more time on my hands and will likely be posting more often. I'll also be posting my workout journal. Posting and knowing all of you are reading should be some additional incentive! Looking forward to the re-opening of the Shelburne pool, I'm planning to do some swimming for cross-training. They have lane swims a couple of times every day. Perfect for the ex-lifeguard/swimming original fitness love! Now to find a decent bathing suit that's actually good for real swimming...not like the sexy beach kind I normally wear (ha, ha), with my Katherine Hepburn hat!

I know the next week at the gym will be difficult, too many weeks of not being to get there and do some resistance training. Rob's going to kick my butt when I go back to his class, but that's what I need!

Had some Ontario strawberries yesterday, with the oncoming fresh Ontario crops eating well will be so much easier and sooooo delish!

Hope to see you at the gym ;)

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